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Did you know that every time you load a saved song in MusAicMkII, the Style values are set to the style of the loaded song? This makes the following songs be in about the same style too. This is also makes for a good way to find out the exact style of a played song, if you're using a Style Width other than 1: Just save the song and then reload it!

Have you tried to load the provided Composers? Don't miss out on this: Click the "File" button (the "Folder Symbol" at the bottom), select "Composer" and next "Load Composer". Try them all and listen to a few compositions of each. It's a good way to get a feeling for what MusAicMkII can do!

Looking for Rap backgrounds?
Style 57 always uses a beat around 98 BPM, and leaves lots of space for Vocal Virtousities. If you want a faster beat - just adjust the "Speed" button in Style View.

Feeling Blue?
At Style 33-36 you'll find some blues style tries. Remember, MusAicMkII shure is no Muddy Waters, but at least it's 12 bars...

Even if you've unlocked MusAicMkII, setting "Song Length" to "Short" (In the "Settings" menu) can be useful sometimes: Use it if you want to have an overwiev of what MusAicMkII can do at a specific Style setting or if you want to generate short ringtones.

Want some really dense 12-tone music?
Try Style 121-122!

Did you know that there are four Styles that never uses any drums or percussion?
They are Styles 41, 79, 123 and 124. Try them out! Which one is your favourite?

Feel like Jammin'?
If you play an instrument and like modal improvisation, don't miss Styles 61-67!
Each composition in these Styles is kept only in one modality: 61 corresponds to the Jonian modality and scale, 62 Dorian, 63 Frygian, 64 Lydian, 65 Mixolydian, 66 Aeolian and 67 Locrian. Just mute the "Lead" channel in the Mix View and jam away!

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