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MusAicMkII creates polyphonic music in any genre, using algorithms from the field of Artificial Intelligence.
The program contains no preconceived songs or little snippets that are combined into new songs. Instead, each new song is created by random processes and AI algorithms. This makes every composition an absolutely unique and never heard before creation.
Bad, Cool or Hot - maybe even a Hit:
It's your judgement and your input to the program that decides!

MusAicMkII can be used in several ways:
Use as a never ending jukebox.
Generate ideas for fast and creative music composing.
Create your own, absolutely unique ringtones with just a few simple clicks.

By rating each new song you listen to, the program can use this input to customize the way music is made. This works as "Genetic Programming", and at any time, all this amounted knowledge can be saved or retrieved as a Virtual Composer, allowing you to create a whole collection of your very own, favourite Composers!

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